360 degree creative, 361 degree ideation A Career in Graphic Design at Delhi or Bristol England

NiA now has an affiliation with the UWE,
University of West England, Bristol.

This allows our students to transfer their credits after completing either their foundation or 3 years diploma at NiA and proceed to UWE and get a recognized degree. Travel to, stay and cost of study at UWE are not included in NiA fees.

Curriculum at NiA

The program is divided in three parts: First two years are devoted to the Foundation Program and then the next four semesters consist of a Specialization Study. Although based on international standards, the Institute Design department offers only two specialization options at the present moment.
- Foundation Diploma in Design is awarded after completion of two years.
- Graduate Diploma in Design is awarded after completion of next one year - 3rd year.
- 3 Years - Graduate Diploma in Design (GDD)

After GDD, you may take direct entry in 4th Year at Bristol University in Graphic Design or take placement from NiA. You may continue for the fourth year at NiA its self and take the Advanced Diploma in Design.

The communication design is one of the largest growing segments in the graphic design and media industry today. A communication designer works in the ambit of advertising, starting from a visualizer and going on to become an agency head. Many opportunities arise in the areas of publication houses, design studios, film and media houses, etc. NiA trains their students to be more than adequately trained for all these design applications.

While polytechnics and computer design schools provide a basic skill, we provide a comprehensive training utilizing intellectual as well as acquired skills, catering to the specific needs of the communication design industry today.

The requirement of this industry changes with growing technology, and we at NiA realize the potential and equip our students to handle the constant endeavor of change.

Personal Pre Requisites:

A creatively inclined mind and good drawing skill form the foundation of this career. Students must train in drawing at school level to get admission to the institute. However further drawing training is provided during the four years study.

A Word of Caution:

It is a demanding training program and career, where there are NO short cuts. Even to pass the basic program, extensive work in needed which is personal training based and involves hours of painstaking labor.

Fast growth, high profile and good remuneration is sure for the talented and willing worker.


An all-inclusive fee for the Design Programs applicable for sessions starting in 2011 is Rs. 2,07,000/-* per year plus applicable local taxes. Please ask for a fee plan. Fee once paid is non refundable.

Students are provided a Laptop computer complimentary in the second year.


Candidates must apply through our selection procedure to secure admission.

Class XII pass by CBSE, ICSE or any Indian State Education Board.
UK 'A' levels or equivalent.

Selection Procedure:

A written creative test is conducted at Institute premises. Students are requested to carry art and drawing material, colors and crayons etc. NiA will supply examination, drawing and test sheets.

All applying candidates must appear for an interview with a member of the Admissions Committee or Director of the Program.


You must complete each level of course before proceeding to the next. Students must complete minimum required credits with a grade of C or higher in each course for award of the Diploma.
There are some compulsory projects failing in which does not qualify for the Diploma even if the credits are complete.

How to Apply:

Applicants are advised to apply giving complete particulars as mentioned in the form. The form is enclosed with this brochure. You may download the same from

Please check for interview dates.

Your admission to the course will be considered only on your presenting a complete registration form with all duly attested documents and a registration fee of Rs.900/- by Demand Draft in the name of 'National Institute of Advertising'
payable at New Delhi. If visiting personally, the registration amount may be deposited in cash.

3 Years: 6 semesters

A Foundation Diploma will be awarded after completion of first two years - 4 semesters.

Term Information:

I Fall Semester: August - December
II Winter Semester: January - May

Awarding Body:
National Institute of Advertising

Note: NiA is a registered private institute and not a university under the UGC act and does not award degrees.

Design Yr. 1

ModuleNo. of Credits
Note: * Each module has 180 contact hours and 120 non contact hours
All subjects offer skill building, as well as initiation to design methods

Drawing - I 15
Elements of Design 15
Color - I
Form a space
Environmental Perception 15
Total Credits 45
Note: Continuation of skill and knowledge
building, in terms of research and analysis.

Drawing and Illustration 15
Color - I 15
Design Process 15
Total Credits 45

Art Appreciation
Material and Methods
Paper Modeling

Note:Documentation (Field trip and study) Visits to Art Galleries, Museums and Exhibitions

Design Yr. 2

Drawing for Communication 15
Publication Design - I 15
Basic Graphic Design 15
Typography - II 15
Form Space and Structure 15
Total Credits 75

Note: Advanced skills and development of visual language Attending workshops, seminars and conferences


Poster Design 15
Communication - I (Project) 15
Total Credits 45

Note: All pre- requisite modules for learning graphic design, project development using design methods, self study and Group Projects: include peer interaction, self study and team work

Design Yr. 3

Note: All subjects now are based on project work which lays emphasis on research, ideation and concept development


Communication - II 15
Visual Identity 15
Visual Thinking 15
Publication Design 15
Total Credits 60


Advertising Design 15
Design Project - I 15
Design for Packaging and Retail 15
Design Project - II 15
Total Credits 60

Note: Students are encouraged to experiment and work with different media of communication forms, e.g.: Film Animation

Detailed Project Work, Final Renditions of all work
Independent study in different spheres of interest culminating in a broad based design project keeping communication strategy in mind


Exposure to working in the industry Practical work Integrated with theory as well as independent projects, core competence modules

Pre - Diploma
Compilation of All work
Diploma Project 30
Total Credits 30
Note:This is the final semester which is devoted to documentation of all work into a workable format

Real time or hypothetical projects spread over 8 weeks constitute the final project which has to meet the evaluation criteria for obtaining the diploma


Total Credits across 3 Years 360

Additional Information

Total Number of
Class Contact Hours 1260
Total Number of Self Study
Hours Required 2520