NiA requested its alumni to help mentor the batch MCM of 2009-10 and got an excellent response. 22 alumni from various batches volunteered for the program and were duly assigned two to three freshmen. Each one in turn was contact by the protégés and a bond was formed. The alumni counseled these students on matters of career options, choices to make, success rates, the way forward etc. including how to prepare for the chosen career ahead.

NiA management is grateful to the following mentors for the valuable inputs and for making it a successful mentorship program. Interested alumni may contact to volunteer for program 2011-12. The program has been assigned for the year 2010-11 already. Mentor Certificates have been delivered for 2009-10. In particular, Ms. Mukta Kapoor, alumnus NiA, permanent volunteer and Corporate Head - Marketing, Old World Hospitality receives a special 'thank you' certificate though she is not a part of the mentors formal program.

Protégé speak:
I think Utpal sir was really friendly, encouraging and forthcoming. I am really grateful for the advice received.
Tanya ma’m is vivaciously friendly and helpful. I called her all the time and she was really patient with me.
Vikram Pareek sir is very serious minded but also very helpful and comes up with great insights.
My mentor took me out for coffee and meals – she is so senior in the industry - I was at first a little shy, but later I realized she did it to build my confidence.
My mentor sent me so many event invites.
I saw five Hollywood movie premiers with my mentor. Thank you NiA. I am so spoilt now.
Mr. Yashaswi Bhatt is so cute – he is a great guy and I am glad I have a friend in my mentor.
(names withheld )
Mentors 2009-10
Abhishek Chaswal

Aman Kishore

Anuj Sharma

Bhavna Sharma

Gautam Bordoloi

Kaveri Naag

Love Guglani

Nidhi Prakash

Rachna Arora

Randhir Singh

Ruchi Budhiraja Warikoo

Sachin Gupta

Saurabh Dey

Shailja Vohra

Smita Dhall

Sudipto Poddar

Supriya Sodhi

Surabhi S. Luthra

Tania Suri

Utpal Kelovkar

Vikram Pareek

Yashaswi Bhatt