In an endeavor to provide an equal education opportunity to all qualifying students, merit scholarships are provided each year. The qualifying criteria for obtaining a scholarship are based on academic achievement and family's financial status of the applying students. Full or part scholarship will be offered after assessment of each application.

How to apply:
Please write a personal application in your own handwriting addressed to the Director mentioning reasons for applying. Please ensure that adequate academic and financial records are enclosed for easy assessment of your case. You may take advice from your Admissions Counselor.

Equal Opportunities for Women:
In case of young women who face opposition or discrimination at home by parents' or guardians' refusal/ reluctance to spend on the higher education of a female child, counseling is available together with families and such students may contact us directly.
Following scholarships are available for a limited number of applicants:

- Smt. Vidya Vati Kapoor Memorial Scholarship for a Humanities stream topper from any Indian University
- Sh. Anand Mohan Suri Memorial Scholarship for a Commerce stream topper from any Indian University
- Smt. Savitri Rani Gupta Memorial Scholarship for outstanding creative skills
- Neena & Narinder Nath Duggal Memorial Scholarship for meritorious students with over 90% marks at Class XII level
- Dr. Mrs. Prem Lata Suri Memorial Scholarship for meritorious female students in any stream with over 90% marks at Class XII level
- Dr. Basant Lal Wadehra Memorial Scholarship for needy students in any stream
- Kiran & Sudhir Lal Memorial Scholarship are offered for our Advertising Programs

In addition to the above, the institute offers study assistance to school going children by way of financial support, provision of books and study material and payment of school fees to a limited number of applicants each year. This facility can be availed by meritorious students and female children for continuing education. Alumni and current students may identify and recommend deserving cases.
The institute offers job assistance and counseling for all such applicants during or after completion of education.

Scholarship Committee Chairperson:
Mrs. Namrata Suri

Committee Members:
Dr. (Mrs) Rashme Bahl
Mr. Parveen Ahluwalia
Mrs. Malika Uppal
Mrs. Rachna Kapoor